FEATool v1.0 available - an Easy to Use Matlab and Octave FEM Multiphysics Toolbox

Precise Simulation Ltd. has released FEATool v1.0, a finite element (FEM) b ased physics simulation toolbox for Matlab and Octave. FEATool is designed to be very easy learn and use for researchers, engineers, and students who are looking for a development environment to quickly and effortlessly set u p and make physics based simulations.The FEATool software suite features a user-friendly graphical user interface (available with Matlab) and complete ly open and documented source code making it easy to use, learn form, and a lso extend and modify to include customized functionality.In addition FEATo ol includes the following features:- Comprehensive library of functions and subroutines for grid generation, finite element assembly, solvers, postpro cessing and visualization.

- Predefined physics modes that can be combined to simulate coupled and com plex multiphysics problems, including fluid flow, heat transfer, structural stresses, electrostatics, reaction and transport of mass and chemical spec ies, and also classical equations.

- Geometry modelling in one and two dimensions with support for conforming, non-conforming and up to second order finite element shape functions on li ne, triangle, and quadrilateral cell shapes.

- Fully documented with tutorials and step by step instructions how to set up and use the toolbox.


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