FortranCalculus Compiler v. 1 solves Parameter Estimation & Optimization math modeling problems.

The FortranCalculus (FC) compiler calculates partial derivatives on the fly
. All a user does is enter their math equations & an objective (function)
and FC finds the optimal solution for the given problem. The FC compiler i
s free (download and use) at least for the next year or two; see
formatting link
FC can solve Algebraic thru Differential equations while 'tweaking' paramet
ers. FC uses Automatic Differentiation (AD) to calculate either the jocabi
an or Hessian matrix on the fly. Thus it is easy to use (next thing to a s
lide rule!) and exact. Most problems require a math model (i.e. your equat
ions) and just a handful of other misc. code. Try it, you'll like it.
Our textbook,
formatting link
has many (40+) FC examp
le problem from industry. See and run other examples in fc-compiler's demo
section. These demos examples can easily be modified to create one's own
problem ... an hour or two and you should have solved your problem. :)
Please share FC with your colleagues, students, and friends. Knowing FC wil
l help future students get jobs in industries that include math modeling.
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