Future Low Energy Cleaners

Future Low Energy Cleaners

The Vacuum Cleaners we use today have many major flaws.

1/. They release contaminated air back into the home environment.

2/. They blow dust from furniture allowing it to become air born.

3/. They needlessly waste large amounts energy.

The 22 million cleaners used in the UK waste most of the power taken from UK Wind Farms.

4/. They are noisy and smelly.

An alternative to the Vacuum Cleaner exists and has undergone over ten years of testing.

But because of the reluctance of cleaner manufacturers to change their designs, I now call for others to help me to impress their Governments on the importance of this project and to spread the information. More information about the "Air Recycling Cleaner" can and be found at, New Web Page.

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An Extract from information on the Home page

"High-efficiency particulate arrest-filter vacuum cleaners increase personal cat allergen exposure in homes with cats." North West Lung Centre, Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester, UK

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