I have read several references in modelling magazines to modelers applying a coat of Future to their works to try and help decals to stick better, to clean clear parts, and other uses. Can anyone please tell me if Future is the same product or similar as the Johnson Wax Klear for floor polish, for that is the rumour I've heard? And if so, do modelers tend to use it straight out of the bottle or do they dilute it with thinners?

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Haydn Foulkes
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Original American Johnson's Future is clear liquid, while the Klear is a bit milky in the bottle, but it dries also clear. Other than that it is almost the same product.

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Hopefully mine won't last that long ;-)

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Roger Demming

"The Complete Future" - all the answers to all the questions at

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also look for "Tinting the Future"

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