Glass Cover Slip for "high" pressure applications

I'm developing a high pressure acrylic flow cell for microbiology
studies. The flow cell has a hollow center that allows the placement of
a 30 by 60mm glass cover slip. The cover slip is secured around its
edges by clamping in between two pieces of arcylic. The design is such
that direct observation can be made using a microscope. I'm now trying
to source for a suitable glass material. My main question is, given a
flow cell internal pressure of 2 to 4 atm, what type of glass is
suitable and what is the thinnest glass i can use? Other properties such
as anti-reflective, scratch resistant will be nice.
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Dear Philip,
You've given the total area/dimensions of the slip. What is the expected span that must be supported only by the glass? How will you seal the glass to the flow cell? Could you immerse a CCD camera/lens in the fluid, with an "extra curved" lens (thinking of diving cameras)?
David A. Smith
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Actual span supported by glass (i.e area in contact with fluid) is 20 mm by 60 mm. The sealing at the edges is by epoxies. I'm aware that the glass might deform or the anchor at the edges might not be strong enough at the stated pressure. That's why i'm asking for advice on its dimensions. The viewing area can be reduced accordingly.
On immersing the lens in the fluid, it can't be done as the experiments are related to flowing systems with a clearly defined channel depth.
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Hi Philip,
Take a look in Mcmaster Carr Supply. They sell circular Borosilicate Sight glasses that have pressure ratings.
formatting link
Plug in part number 8475K71 This is for a round glass of 3.5 in diameter. Pressure rating is 175 psi.
identify suppliers of sight glasses that could fabricate a custom sized window for your application.
Good luck
Tom Lipton
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