Non-Invasive Flow Meters for liquuids such as Hydrauulic Oil

Does anyone have experience with Non-Invasive flow meters that will measure
liquid flow in hydraulic lines? This type device would be a great help for
trouble shooting problems on hydraulic powered machines.
Thanks for your help.
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Bud Trinkel
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How about ultrasonic flow meters? See:
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or do a Goggle search on the product.
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Osman Kemal Kadiroglu
I did the Google search before, what I am looking for is others experience good or not good with the different brands on the market. I would like to bypass the experimenting and get the best product first time.
Thanks for the web site. Do you have experience with this companies offering? I want something portable to use in trouble shooting circuits since most installations don't have flow meters installed. Flow problems can be difficult to diagnose especially when it is a bypass problem.
Bud Trinkel fluidpower1 @
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Bud Trinkel
Dear Bud Trinkel:
Try to post your response *after* paragraphs or sentences where others have replied to you. What you post here is archived, and will be perhaps useful to the future. It reads smoother that way, and appears like you have "listened" prior to responding.
If you are using hydraulics, then temperature variations can be used to detect bypass. The larger the leak, the greater the temperature increase. If you are using hydraulics or pneumatics, then ultrasonic methods can also be used.
You could also disconnect all but what you expect to be the main flow path, and see how much fluid "hits the bucket"...
David A. Smith
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