Strong glue to hold the metal sheets

I am looking for glue which can hold the metal sheet together and
further the sheets can be tested under compression without de-
laminating or failure (20% strain). I have tried GB Weld and it is not
working good. I want to glue 4 sheets (0.6'* 0.6') of 2 mm thickness.
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Amit Pandey
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Dear Amit Pandey:
How about double-sided tape? Difficult to assemble...
Other than that, some form of contact cement, rubber cement, or silicone adhesive (RTV) may be your only hope. You need something that will retain the same or greater flexibility as the material you are trying to bond.
David A. Smith
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What sort of ductile metal sheet are you proposing to subject to 20% strain? This is in the deep plastic region.
Brian W
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Brian Whatcott
Maybe 3M DP-190 Structural Adhesive.
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