Aluminum Beverage Can and Salt Water

I'm only posting as a last resort, but does anyone know how long it
would take for a soda/beer can (the contents having been drunk and the
can torn open), resting on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, would
take to completely dissolve?
Thank you
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B Norbom
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A reasonable guess can be made - a decade or more. The lid and bottom of a Pepsi can are about 0.010" (10 mils thick), but the side wall is only 4 mils. Deep seawater corrosion rates for the aluminum alloys used in cans are roughly 1 to 3 mils per year. So, you could expect five years or more if both sides were bare and ten years or more if one side was bare. Actually both sides are coated,so the coating also has to fail.
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Do you need the answer in Newton-Seconds, or Man-Hours ? The calculation is easy, but I need to know which units you want it in as I hate doing the same calculation twice.
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