aluminum oxidation?

I am trying to restore a vintage (1960s) espresso machine. The filter
basket and portafilter appear to have been made of aluminum rather than
brass. The basket was left to sit for more than 20 years inside the
portafilter and the two seem to have gotten "stuck" to each other. I
guess they are bound together by a layer of oxidation? Is there a
solution they can be safely placed in that would dissolve that layer and
free them up ... something that would leave no residue dangerous to
humans when ingested in trace amounts and which would rinse off
completely and impart no taste?
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you try lubricating the joint by some oil or petrol/kerosine. Try doing this for some days. I think it should work i am not sure but heard that this can work
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Atul Shah
Vinegar/acetic acid will dissolve the oxide, it could discolour the aluminium but that can be polished out quite easily HTH
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Thank you for the suggestion. I will try some soaking the item in some white vinegar. Regards Liam
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