ASTM A36 Steel?

I'm looking at a drawing specifying in the notes:
"Carbon Steel per ASTM A36/A36M..."
From what I've read, ASTM A36/A36M is pretty broad and nebulous. We're
making a test fixture to test some aspects of the parts that mate with
it, and would like to find an easily machinable type steel (3" x 3"
square bar preferably) that is similar and widely available (i.e.
McMaster or something). Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance!
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ASM's Metals Handbook- "A36 -bars- (not plate or shapes)- .29%C max .60-.90%Mn Si%(not specified) .20%Cu As noted previously, the most widely used standard for steel products are those published by ASTM. These are complete specifications, generally adequate for procurement purposes."
Also- AISI/SAE's 1026 is .22-.28%C .60-.90%Mn but the Cu content is unknown other than it's less than .60%Cu Si same thing, less than .60%Si otherwise unknown.
If there is -any- safety issue at all, you better not fudge! :) (false economy)
Alvin in AZ
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Hello Dave, ASTM A36 as well as M, is the most popular steel you will find. It is a common mild carbon steel, easy to machine, or weld. You may find 3x3 A36 locally at a steel warehouse & distributor, or McMasters etc.
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