Bosch Masonry Drill bits

I have been looking for a suitable metal for some custom tools I want
to have built for me. I am no engineer or metallurgist but I have some
knowledge of metals. I have been looking for something relatively light
weight, with as high a hardness as possible while retaining toughness.
I was in the local lowes yesterday and came across the Bosch
masonry/concrete drill bits, these things are VERY light, super hard
and durable enough to be used in an air hammer. I was so impressed with
them! I have not been able to get a Bosch rep to give any details
(hopefully not because it is a secret or something). I want to know
what specific alloy they use in these bits so I can order it and use it
in my new tool. So, long story short does anyone here know what that
would be or who I should talk to? I appreciate any help you can give,
thank you in advance. My direct email is olaf please
feel free to send any reply's there. Thanks again!
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Nearly all tool bits are made of steel. Steels have generally similar densities so they will all "weigh" about the same.
That said, the rotary hammer bits you examined where probably some sort of alloy steel.
EIther just a high carbon steel or possibly a "high alloy steel".
HIGH ALLOY STEEL Class of steel with a high alloy content. The differences come by the metals added (molybdenum, tungsten, vanadium, cobalt, etc.), the carbon content, and their use.
The tool mfrs will probably be reluctant to tell you exactly what alloy / process they use.
cheers Bob
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Yep, the process can be kept secret, but the alloying can't be from others than a true non-competitor like the OP.
Been there and experienced that myself. Some outfits like Enderes don't hesitate to tell you their steel choice. 1078 in their case.
On ebay there are odd sized left-overs of S7 and H13 tool steel.
I'd bet that the Bosch tool was very close to one or the other of those.
State what you want the tool to be able to do and let us go from there? :)
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The main problem I've run into is getting the tool steel I want in the sizes I need. Let alone small amounts I can afford. :/
For example-> 3/32" to 1/8" thick sheets of W7, L6, O7 and F2 for pocket knife blades.
Alvin in AZ
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