What are masonry drill bits made of?

Just wondering since they are so hard but can still take impact abuse.
Any idea what alloys they may be, like the Bosch ones? Thanks in
advance :-)
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I don't know, Bosch won't tell you?
Some outfits won't say and others are pleased to tell you anything you want to know. Try and if you have any success, get back and tell us so we'll all know. ;)
This isn't the first time that question has been asked here! :)
Other than that, my guess is S7 or something like S7 for the "top of the line" products.
There is a property of high manganese steel's surface to work harden to beat hell. That fact could be an interesting way to get the big outfit's metallurgist to open up by asking if "that property" is involved somehow.
Why do you want to know? :)
Alvin in AZ
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