Brass with 70 wt.% copper, 30% Zn - heat capacity and heat conductivity for 300-1200 C

I need the following data - heat capacity and heat conductivity for
the brass with 70 wt.% copper, 30% Zn. The temperature range -
300-1200 grad C. Thank you in advance.
Alexey Shubin
Senior Technologist, Ekaterinburg, Russia
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Alexey Shubin
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try checking with
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then to copper data center.. maybe you can find a paper on elevated emp properties of copper alloys. tc
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tom C
Dear Mr. Shubin,
Brass 70Cu-30Zn (cartridge brass)
Physical properties:
coefficient of thermal expansion linear, cold rolled stock:19.9 um/m.K (11.1 uin./in.F) at 20 to 300 degree C. Equation for 20 to 300 degree C: Lt=Lo(1+(17.75t+0.00653t^2)x10^-6) where t is temperature difference from 20 degree C.
specific heat 375 J/kg.K (0.09 Btu/lb.F) at 20 degree C
thermal conductivity 120 W/m.K (70 Btu/ft.h.F) at 20 degree C
for your specific range of temperature, I think you only need to extrapolate or interpolate those data above...
Hope it will help...
Best regards,
abhie Metallurgist, Bontang, Indonesia
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