etching on nickel plating

GM, I want to etch / mark on nickel deposite (Ni plated on Mild steel , thickens 4 Micorns ) permanently ... should with stand 200°C

can any one suggest any process / chemicals / paints ???

For mass production easy to appy or use should not reduce the corrsion resistence of base metal ...

thanks Avinash

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Avinash Chethan
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i wish that i could be more directly helpful, but i do recall using manual label stamps that have an ink specifically for stainless steel. i suppose it would work similarly on Ni. perhaps a call to your local stamp pad supplier would provide an answer.

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If you do a search on NPL Superblack, you will find reference to electroless nickel (+ phosphorus) plating which can be etched to dense black with nitric acid. No problem with heat resistance.


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Mask the area to be etched with plastic tape into which you have cut the pattern you want etched. Use a dropper to apply nitric acid to the area to be etched. Some experimentation will be necessary to determine how long this will take but it ought to be fairly easy. Be careful, be very careful.

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