FOR SALE Thermo VGScientific 310F Micolab Auger spectromer FOR SALE

Thermo VG Scientific 310F Auger Spectrometer for Sale. Excellent
condition, previously owned by Intel semiconductor corporation,
currently at Thermo campus in Middleton WI.
System Specifications
Auger 25keV digital power supply FEI Schottky electron source,
Copper sensitivity at CRR2.8 900 kcps
SEM 10nm lateral resolution at 25keV
XPS dual X-ray anode (magnesium and aluminum) sensitivity on Ag3d5
peak at 50eVpass energy, FWHM 1.70, 4,300Million counts per second
Ion gun- EX05 up to 5uA of scanned Ar+ sputtering
Spectrometer - VGScientific patented Hudson analyzer, with 6
5 axis digital stage
New 2003 release NT based Avantage data system- complete digital
controlled system.
High vacuum system < 5x-10 bar.
If interested please drop me an email at
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