Re: Looking for 4130 Normalized strip in America

The purchasing department where I work cannot find 0.050 inch thick 4130

>strip in the cold-finished and normalized condition. We can get the >annealed material in that thickness but not the normailized. We usually buy >it in strips that are 18 inches wide and 72 inches long. Every couple of >months we usually order about fifty sheets of that material. > >Does anyone know which distributor might carry that size and condition? > >Thanks a lot in advance.

fire your purchasing dept, they should be able to find this with a few phone calls try

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4130 sheet normalized
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I guess it really is tough to find. I called Castle Metals in California and Benedict Miller out in New Jersey and both salesmen said basically the same thing, i.e., that Cold Metals Products (in Ohio I guess) was the last company to manufacture the 4130 strip in the normalized condition. Since Cold Metals Products went out of business, the 4130 material in the normailzed condition has been impossible to find, except for remnants of stock at various distributors. For example, Castle Metals says it has some

0.080 and 0.100 inch normalized 4130 material left in stock.
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