about corrosion of ammonium sulphate

Dear Sir:
After greeting, we are a producer of sulfuric acid and ammonium
sulfate from coke oven gases. We have some problems because of
corrosion in equipments and especially in our reactor (saturator). Our
process conditions are:
 The concentration of sulfuric acid is 5-7% (saturator
 The temperature of inlet gas is 75-85 C.
 The inlet gas contains NH3, H2S, benzol and aromatic compound
& other light hydrocarbon... (Gas from cock oven).
‎If you can help us, please answer the following questions.
1- What compounds (liner such polymer or glass or ceramic or ...) do
you recommend for reactor lining?
2- Do you think we can use only polymeric compound or not?
3- What alloys do you recommend for equipment?
4- What is your suggestion for our problem?
Best regard
Rasul Hossaini
No91- kahran ALL-golzar AV- Ahmad Abad STR- isfahan ?IRAN
ZIP 8154916691
Rasol snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com
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