Identifying Ti and nimonic / monel ?

Assume I have a large pile of scrap aircraft parts, largely jet engine
bits, and I'm trying to identify stainless steel, Ti, nimonic steels
and monel or inconel.
Any suggestions ? I'm particularly puzzled by splitting Ti from other
alloys that could be found around the hot end of a turbofan. Is
there any way to identify the Ti alloys from each other ?
Thanks for any advice
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Andy Dingley
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May I suggest what in my opinion is the best, immediate, non destructive metal identification technique? It is called X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) and it is performed either on fixed or on portable instruments. The simplest of the equipment provide only a qualitative identification, usually sufficient for segregating Titanium, Stainless, Monel etc. This equipment is already available with many junkyards, exactly for material segregation purposes. Maybe you can arrange to bring identified samples to whoever is ready to do the work for you. The qualitative job could be done for free or for a very limited expense. Or maybe you can arrange for a demonstration from one of the suppliers. I briefly treated this question in a page visible at
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luck. Elia Levi
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Elia Levi
Yes, XRF will also work. There are even sorters that are optical emission spectrometers. Metorex
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makes both types. Niton
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also makes XRF equipment.
Pittsburgh Pete
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Pittsburgh Pete

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