Stainless steel longevity.

The top of the Chrysler building in NY (built 1930) is often cited as an
example of the durability of stainless steel in atmospheric conditions - are
there any earlier examples?
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Yes, there was a 1929 canopy at the Savoy Hotel in London (UK).
For details, go to the Nickel Devolopment Institute web site at
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Their 44 page publication 11023 (from 2001) called Timeless Stainless Architecture describes 16 different buildings. It can be ordered by snail mail or downloaded as a big (1.76 Mb) .pdf file. They have lots of other publications on architechtural use of stainless steel.
The book Architectural Metals notes that Pittsburgh Plate Glass had an earlier stainless roof that was built in 1924.
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