A metallic day

Today I finished assembling the motor for the tractor and got it set in
place though not bolted in yet . Had a really bad moment this morning when I
went to slide the PTO (mower deck) drive disc onto the crank ... it was too
small ! Somewhere in their mods they increased the PTO drive section on the
crank from 1" to 1.125" . I had visions of totally disassembling the motor
to machine the crank ... but then decided to see if there was enough meat in
the drive disc and associated parts to machine it an eighth bigger ... and
there was . I'm so glad I have machinery !
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Terry Coombs
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You win! (this time) Myself, I'd be waiting for the other shoe to drop.
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Tom Gardner
This WAS the other shoe ...
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Terry Coombs

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