I have an aciera drill press with quick change spindle, and a tool is stuck in the spindle. Does anyone have a hint as to how to remove the tool. How about does anyone have a detailed parts drawing? I would appreciate any help. Thanks Bill

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Hummm I had to fix a similar problem Friday with a Hwacheon Ecomill


It was the air/oil hydraulic solenoid that had blown a seal. Only problem was finding a 18' ladder to get to the top of it to change out the seal.

Small mill..has a 2,150mm x 850mm table.

Ill be in a shop with a drill press like yours Tue or Wed and if you dont have an answer by then, Ill check on that one. Im sure there is a manual for it in their files. "People are more violently opposed to fur than leather, because it is easier to harrass rich women than it is motorcycle gangs." - Bumper Sticker

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