Adhesion issue - OPTX20/20 readers to safety glasses

I like to wear wrap around safety glasses similar to the ones here:

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I buy this style with the reader lens. For a lot of my work, I would like to have a much larger reader segment, so that I do not have to crane my neck as much or have to lift the glasses up with one hand to be able to see; and just have a much smaller standard vision area to look out of. I have not found off the shelf safety glasses like this. Someone on this board (several years ago) discussed the stick on readers from OPTX20/20.
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figured using these would give me 50 to 60% of the lower portion of the lens being reader with the balance for looking at further distances. I bought my regular reading diopter and a second set at the next highest diopter for when my head is jammed in too close to focus with my regular reading Rx.

I read the instructions before ordering and it appears that one applies a drop of water to the inside of the safety glasses and then wrings the water out to get adhesion. I can not get the reader lens to adhere no matter how hard or mildly I try to wring the water out. And yes, I did wash the glasses with soap prior to trying to apply these to remove any oils that may have been on the lens. And I had the correct orientation of the lens. Anyone else had success in using these? I watched the video on the web page but I did not get any more information than just reading the instructions.

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Not a response to your question, but I gave up and paid for prescription safety glasses.

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Joe Pfeiffer

Prescription eyeglass lenses are polished, but the wrap-around lenses are molded and they may have some residue mold release compound that is very hard to remove. I would not use solvent. Try just a lot of detergent and rubbing with your (clean) finger to remove it.

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