Any hope of selling press bolster plates for usable?

I came across a bunch of steel bolster plates:

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They go on big punch presses and such, as you know.

My question is, do I have a hope of selling them for usable material at, say, above 60 cents per lb?

I have been able to sell solid steel bars and big rounds for about $1/lb on average, for example. People buy them for "anvils" or whatever.

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"Ignoramus12521" wrote in message news:

Personally I have little use for steel too large to cut up with my 4" x 6" bandsaw. Larger pieces serve only as tractor counterweights.

Cutting scrap steel with gas or plasma may leave blade-ruining hard spots.

My typical projects are smaller than an inch. I just made a feeler bracket to complete a used Blake coax indicator and am now working on Variac brush holders.


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Jim Wilkins

How about a work table top - with the T slots to hold the work in place and you weld up the frame based on the clamp down holding it in place.

Just a thought - and like he said - put on on the tail end of your forklift... :-)


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Martin Eastburn

I was thinking that I would find someone who needs one for a big H frame press or some such.

I will make money on them if ) scrap them -- not a lot -- but if I try to sell them and they do not sell, I will never make money, as moving, storage and photographing costs will eat up all profits.

I think that I will just scrap them all and keep one for my own needs related to pressing or counterweighting.

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They look to be in good shape. Call any big machinery dealers? Or were they at the auction and passed on them?

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That was a private deal with a company that needs to reclaim some space.

One of them sold already, and paid back almost half of my total cost.

I made one flat blanchard ground plate into a "precision ground blacksmith table", by welding structural tube legs to it. Maybe someone will buy it.

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