Anyone have a water based homebrew formula for a mister?`

Anyone have a homebrew formula for a coolant mister using water or cheap liquid?

CoolMist etc etc is pricy for the few times I use it, and it goes bad in the tank between uses.


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I haven't tried this, but here it is, from Machinery's Mechanical Library, Vol 2, Planing and Milling, Franklin D. Jones, 1915:

"1 pound of sal soda (carbonate of soda), 1 quart of lard oil, 1 quart of soft soap, and enough water to make 10 or 12 gallons. This mixture is boiled for one-half hour, preferably by passing a steam coil through it. The soap and soda in this solution improve the lubricating quality and also prevent the surfaces from rusting."

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Martin H. Eastburn

See: "Kool Mist 77 secret ingredient = ethanolamine ?"

This might be what is in Easy-Off "non-fume" spray oven cleaner.

You are diluting it, right? At under $1/gallon for something you use a few drops/minute, you must be on a tight budget.

Kool Mist shouldn't go bad. Maybe you have something contaminating it?

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Richard J Kinch

Gunner, Aim the airjet from your coolmist system right at the cutter flutes, It will keep the chips from getting in the way, and keep your cutter cool. I wanted to clear chips, and found out by accident that the cutter stays cool. I don't use mist anymore. Paul

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I built a fog buster and all I had at hand to use in it was ATF and it seems to do the job just great. If it keeps working as well as it seems, I will never change to anything else. I have a gallon and I think that it'll last an awful long while.

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Bill Darby

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