anyone know what a Jabsco 2590 pump was used for?

I've put a jabsco 2590 pump on ebay (link below) for a friend - it's
not a bronze bodied pump - I presume it was for coolant, but for what
application - I figure I can get my frined more $ if I can say what
application it was for - but the number is long obsolete and I can't
find anything with dilligent searching of the web
here's the link
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For whatever you need... ;-P
Seriously - anything compatible with the body, impeller and seal materials - on a boat, either cooling water through a small engine, or pumping the used motor oil out during servicing, or pumping fresh sea water from a seacock fitting up and through the bait live-well to keep the bait fishies happy.
If it had a 12v electric motor mounted, it would make a good engine pre-oiler with a check valve on the output and a suction fitting on the oil pan of the engine.
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