Anyone own a Kearney and Trecker 2K ?

I purchased a 7.5hp Kearney and Trecker 2K horizontal milling machine last year. It was made in 1945 and has a department of defense plate on it. Apparently it had some electrical problems because a previous owner rewired it using modern electrical components (a disconnect switch, 3 fuses, a transformer, a contactor, and a modern on/off switch). Judging by the workmanship, he did a very good job. But I've always wondered whether he bypassed some less important circuitry (sensors, etc.), particularly when I see a picture like the last one in this listing:

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What is all that stuff?

Does anyone own a 2K with an original electrical panel? Could you describe the contents, or maybe post a picture to the dropbox?

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I don't own one, but I think they have one at the Eau claire WI Vo-tech where I take a night course. Let's see: Main motor, coolant pump, possible limit switches for X and Y. Reversing switch? Everything might need a separate contactor? If you don't get useful replies, email me and I can look at the school's machine. I do know that they usually have pretty good documentation on their stuff.

Pete Stanaitis


AL wrote:

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I have a 2CSM. I think the wiring is original. Let me know if you're interested in a picture.


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