Anyone own a Morando lathe ?

Not those giant vertical turret lathes. I bought an ordinary engine lathe made by a company called Morando in Italy in the late 60's. The model number is PA-25. I'm trying to find a manual for it, but google didn't turn anything up. Does anyone own one? Any ideas on where I could get a manual? I tried They had one from the same company, but for a different model, and written in French.

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Try S&S Machinery in NYC. they are in Brooklyn, NY The tel. number I have is HY-2-7400 on the manual I have for a PL-35. The manual and cover letter is from 1960. I think Brooklyn Area code is 718. I believe they are still in business and they were a dealer for Morando. I'm not sure if the manual for the 35 is similar to the 25. I also have a manual for the PL-45 but that has power carriage feed and is sure to be different.


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