Anyone want any NOS phone jacks?

Going through the cargo container and found a bunch of phone jacks. I think there are 12 or so Levitron WHITE 4 cond flush jacks, about 5 or so White Wall Phone jacks, a couple Stainless Steel wall phone jacks and a rather large handful of various surface jacks. Some Ivory, some white. There are some 8 cond in there as well

All are NOS.

Along with this..are (3 or 4) retrofit jacks..50 pair connector to (1), (3) and IRRC..(5) RJ45 plugs. Allows you to use the old cable and take out phones at the end without needing to cut and splice.

I used em for years doing key system retrofits to 1A2 wiring.

$10 for shipping (3-4 lbs) and they are yours.

Anyone? Ill toss in some NOS cords as well. Whatever I find Ill stick in the box.

Leftovers from my communications company days I believe. We dont have phones in the house anymore, its all cell phones these I certainly dont need this stuff and Id like to have someone use em.


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