Anyone want a Darex E85/90 endmill sharpener?

Im digging through my Stuff once again...shrug

I found a Darex endmill sharpener in so so condition. No collets, but the motor turns freely and I cant see any missing parts. On the Darex stand.

This is what they look like:

formatting link

Mine however...isnt as pretty.

Paint is ok, but its rusty. The airglide cylinder is just fine..but all the bits that are black oxided in the above picture is rusy. Nothing fatal but its not "pretty"

Take off all the black bits, hit em with a fine wire wheel, get off the rust and got an endmill sharpener.

Anyone interested? Swap, trade, very small money..guns, etc etc

I figure its worth to me..somewhere in the order of $300 or so. The above machine is worth $2k to him. Id be happy to meet on the close side of the scale (Grin)

Best offers gladly considered!!

I have a KO Lee with all the really...really really dont need this thing. And I really dont want to clean it up. Getting old and lazy..or got simply too damned much to do as it is. Shrug


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