Be careful out there

It only takes a minute.

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Jon Danniken
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Good post. Thanks Jon. I will try to do something to contain welding and grinding sparks.

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Have a charged water hose and several fire extinguishers handy at all times when working in the shop.

Having the walls and ceiling of the garage shop drywalled is a very good thing. Same with keeping the floor clean of flammable debris.

Don't stop welding or grinding and immediately run inside the house

- you wait a few minutes to make sure nothing starts smoldering.

If you jump on a fire while it's small you can put it out yourself. If it gets as well established as in the pictures before you do anything about it you are screwed - get everyone out of the house, call 911, get out the lawn chairs and marshmallows, and let the FD handle it.


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Bruce L. Bergman

I'm a real firm believer in this one. Even after waiting before going into the house, I'll still recheck the shop after 15-20 minutes and again before I go to bed.

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Jim Stewart

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