Boeing's surplus sales?

Having read with great jealously of the bargains that folks are getting from the Boeing surplus sales, I was somewhat surprised to find out that they had sales at more than one site:

SALE OBSOLETE RAW MATERIAL Aero Vodochody offers a wide assortment of unused raw material articles - e.g. sheet metal, tubes, bars, etc. - that cannot be used in current production programs. Complete assortment and relevant quantities are given in the file attached, price negotiable. Potential buyers are welcome to visit our facility Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m. till 3:00 p.m. When required, the material can also be cut to size.

The sale is strictly on the first-come- first- served basis.

List of material (78 kB, MS Excel)

Point of contact: Nada KLICNAROVÁ phone.: 255 762 063 fax: 255 762 753

Of course you have to know that Boeing owns about one third of the Czech firm AERO Vodochody,

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The Czech Republic owns the rest.

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