I'm in a list-making mood. If you had to choose 3 books to recommend to other
metalworkers, whether technical or fiction, what would they be?
Here's a start on my master list:
Machine Shop Trade Secrets James A. Harvey
How To Run A Lathe South Bend Lathe Works
Machine Tool Rebuilding Connelly
Welding Principles and Applications Jeffus
The Machinist's Bedside Reader 1-3 Guy Lautard
Trustee from the Toolroom Nevil Shute
Callahan's Key Spider Robinson
What would you add?
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Grant Erwin
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Richard J Kinch
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Unka' George [George McDuffee] ============ Merchants have no country. The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains.
Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), U.S. president. Letter, 17 March 1814.
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F. George McDuffee
Metzger's Dog Thomas Perry
Building a howitzer to blow a bank vault.
Any of the Stainless Steel Rat books.
Machinery's Handbook
Anything from below:
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Steve Walker
I'd add Lincoln's "Procedures of Arc Welding Handbook".
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