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I'm looking for a source or a book or a workbook for beginner metalworking projects. Any thoughts? I'm looking for something that would start with simple projects and progress to more difficult. I'd think that there would be a tech school text of some sort.

Jeff - beginning metalworker

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Ive picked up several metalworking books at used book stores. 2 of them have an extensive project plans library in the back, from very simple to intermediate..

- - Rex Burkheimer WM Automotive Fort Worth TX

Jeff wrote:

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Rex B

On Wed, 8 Jun 2005 08:57:10 -0700, "Jeff" wrote:

======================= Among other things, I teach craft machining at our local community college.

School texts tend to be *VERY* expensive [c. 100$]. These also include many of the newer machines/techniques/materials that a home shop machinist will never use. One of the best is Kibbe's "Machine Tool Practices."

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I suggest you look at the older books from Lindsay books
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I have found Milney's book "Machine Shop Methods" to be an excellent basic text for craft machining and very reasonably priced at 19$ + s/h from Lindsay

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The types of projects that will be most useful/meaningful to you will depend on your interests and equipment, for example, one of our standard student projects is a fly cutter that can use almost any positive rake carbide insert [i.e. round, square, triangular, diamond, etc.] however this is meaningful only if you have a milling machine and a need/desire to finish large flat surfaces.

The class syllabi includes the following section for "Additional/Supplemental References"

The instructor will distribute extensive handouts, taken mainly from the following references. The student is encouraged but not required to read and possibly purchase the following texts. Many of these items are available in the FPC library in the Mac and Betty McDuffee Foundation collection.

Milne, Lorus J., Machine Shop Methods, [reprint] Lindsay Publications, Bradley, IL Colvin, Fred H., Running an Engine Lathe, [reprint] Lindsay Publications, Bradley, IL Kibbe, Neely, et al, Machine tool Practices, 7th Edition, Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ, Available FPC bookstore. Note: This text is expensive but is used in several technology classes and is a good reference. Barritt, J. W., Lathe Operations, [reprint] Lindsay Publications, Bradley, IL South Bend Lathe, South Bend Lathe Machine Shop Projects, [reprint] Lindsay Publications, Bradley, IL Horner, Joseph, Practical Metal Turning, [reprint] Lindsay Publications, Bradley, IL Sheldon Machine Company, The Care and Operation of a Lathe, [reprint] Lindsay Publications, Bradley, IL South Bend Lathe, How to Run a Metalworking Shaper and Drill Press, [reprint] Lindsay Publications, Bradley, IL Hasluck, Paul N., Hasluck's Metalworking Tools, Materials & Processes, [reprint] Lindsay Publications, Bradley, IL Smith, Robert H, Elements of Machine Work, [reprint] Lindsay Publications, Bradley, IL Smith, Robert H., Advanced Machine Work [reprint] Lindsay Publications, Bradley, IL Gingery, Dave, The Metal Lathe, Lindsay Publications, Bradley, IL Henry Ford Trade School, Shop Theory, [reprint] Lindsay Publications, Bradley, IL Oberg, Jones, Horton, et al. Machinery's Handbook 26th edition, Industrial Press, New York [note earlier editions may be more suitable as these emphasize manual machining techniques, older manual machines, materials, techniques and processes] Lautard, Guy The Machinist' Bedside Reader, Guy B.E. Lautard; ISBN: 0969098030; (December 1988) Lautard, Guy The Second Machinist' Bedside Reader and the Bull's Eye Mixture, Guy B. E. Lautard; ISBN: 0969098030; (December 1988) Lautard, Guy The Third Machinist' Bedside Reader, Guy B. E. Lautard; ISBN: 096909809X; (June 1, 1993) Moltrecht, Karl H., Machine Shop Practice, 2nd ed., Vol I, Industrial Press, New York ISBN: 0-8311-1126-7 Moltrecht, Karl H., Machine Shop Practice, 2nd ed., Vol II, Industrial Press, New York ISBN: 0-8311-1132-1 Jones, Franklin D., Machine Shop Training Course 5th Ed, Vol I. ISBN: 0-8311-1039-2 Industrial Press, New York (1964) Jones, Franklin D., Machine Shop Training Course 5th Ed. Vol II Industrial Press ISBN: 0-8311-1040-6 (1964) Hoffman, Edward G. and McCauley, Christopher, J. Shop Reference for Students and Apprentices, 2nd ed. Industrial Press, New York (2001) ISBN 0-8311-3079-2 Anderson, John G. Technical Shop Mathematics, 2nd ed. (1983) Industrial Press, New York ISBN 0-8311-1145-3

I hope this will be of help to you.


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F. George McDuffee

Well not for a scratch start, but nice to read and inspiring: "Unusual Projects from the first year of Model craftsman Magazine 1933" reprinted by Lindsay.


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Nick Müller

One book that helped me get started is "The home machinist's Handbook" by Doug Briney. Has projects useful in the shop, as well as others. I think I have seen it still available on

Paul > Jeff wrote:

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Start with stuff you need ..............

a cart a table a rack

look around and learn to make things to fit a use rather than just make things.


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Take a look around for some of the Workshop Practice Book series. here is a link to some of them including "Making Small Workshop Tools" and "Metalwork and Machining Hints and Tips" both have plans for various projects.

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Have a look at this page, Its got some good starter projects that you can learn from.

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Tom Miller

Thanks for all the help.

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Visit your local library. I found some really good stuff there, plus lots of other related books chock full of ideas for me to ruminate over.

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