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Dear Group,
There are two divergent areas I have just enough information to know I
do not have enough to scratch build a kit.
One is artillery, it is hard to even find out what the AXIS and some
small Allied countires used. let alone get enough views to scratch
build such artillery. I am finding this true of submarines too. A one
side view says nothing about the other side, the deck or the bottom.
Really I am having this problem scratcfh building 1/16 weapons, but I
have some musuems nearby that mught be of help.
I haven't been to APG in a while. I have to figure out the proper mode
of entrance. I have;nt been to the NRA's new musuems. I have reason to
go to Fort Knox, Fort Sill, and Fort Hood I imagine as I suppose each
has some different items.
With submarines, most of the types I want to model do not exist.
Photos and plans would be enough.
Big Al
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