Making eyelets - or source

I need about 5k/yr of 1/2" ID x .015"wall x @7/16" long steel with any
flange on one end. I used to get them from Stimpson but they want a 50k
order. I would make dies if I had the slightest idea how. None of my die
books have eyelets in them and I'm too stupid to figure it out by myself. I
assume they are deep drawn shells with the bottom punched out. Any advice?
Any source for smaller qty.?
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Tom Gardner
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Hey Tom,
Would that be similar to a "flaring tool" operation? You know, for flaring a copper or steel pipe as in a fuel line or brake line.
Take care.
Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
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Brian Lawson

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