For when you are in a library, and they ask 'Can I help you?'
Just a few books I ran across 'few' years ago. Have no idea how available
they are these days.
Material Handling:
Planning and Managing Materials Flow
E. Ralph Sims, JR, PE
Pub: Industrial Education Institution
Machine Tool Technology
McCarthy Smith
Pub: McKnight & McKnight
Machining Data Handbook, 2nd Edition (probably later editions out now)
Machinability Data Center
Metcut Research Associates, Inc.
Cincinnati, Ohio
Machine Tool Operation
Burghardt Axelrod Anderson
Pub: McGraw-Hill
Technology of Machine Tools
Krar, Oswald, St Amand
Pub: McGraw-Hill
Aluminum (vol. #3)
Fabrication & Finishing
Edited by Kent R. Van Horn
Pub: American Society for Metals
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