C5 collet same as 5C collet?

Is a C5 collet the same as a 5C collet? I have seen someone selling
collets that are differentiated as some being 5C and some being C5. I
have 5C chucks, etc, and want to know if C5 are interchangeable.
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I've never heard of a C5. (Maybe an improved version of C4 explosive? :)>
As far as I know, the only thing close is the 5C, and its little brother the 3C. I think it is just a seller that doesn't know it is 5C.
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Jon Elson
Hey Nic,
Then only "C5" I know about is the designation for a specific grade of carbide inserts. For example, have a peek at:
A quick Google for your C5 coletts turned up a batch of web-pages, the first 6 of which iI had a quick look at, and in each case they had just made a typo, and should have read "5C".
I'd be interested in what you do learn though, so let us know.
Take care.
Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario.
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Brian Lawson
There is of course the 4C
Gunner, who has a Kitakura second ops that uses it..
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Gunner Asch
The hardinge vertical heads for the toolroom mills uses those too. As well as the smaller cataract hardinge lathes. They made "47" machines, like the "59" machines.
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jim rozen

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