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-- Has anyone ever used one of these?

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I need to measure some parts that are 24" +/- .005 and don't have a large enough vernier. Would it just be better to bite the bullet and get a large vernier?



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Paul Jeran
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I've got one, and it works OK. It's not going to be as accurate as a purpose built humongo caliper, but if you are OK with the tolerances, they work fine. They also take a little bit of assembly, so swappping back & forth can be a pain. They fit some calipers better than others. I think I contacted the manufacturer and they recommened B&S. I kept my eyes open for a good sale & got one that is semi-dedicated for the extender.

Doug White

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Doug White

I've tried to use one of those.

The jaws of the caliper tend to interfere with the measurement using the jig. It looks like they photoshop-disappeared the jaw ends in enco's ad.

I can't imagine being able to hold +- 0.005" with one.

For $60 more you can have a tool that is much more accurate and much easier to use.

Have a look at Model #890-9822

If the budget will allow, the Model #505-1811 will last you as long as you could possibly ever need it. I have two Mitutoyo Digimatics and I can't break them.


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JTS Machinery has some great buys on calipers. I have their 12" stainless dial caliper and am quite happy with it.

Their 24" SS dial caliper is part #10-24-001, $88.00

If you can get by with a vernier caliper, their 24" model is #106-755, $45.00

If you order on Tuesdays, everything is 10% off. These part numbers are not on their web site or eBay store, only in the sale flier. Their number is (800)

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I've got an extra 24" Starrett 123. They have a couple thousandths wear at the extreme tips of the jaws, otherwise in good condition. I'd sell them for $100 +shipping if you're interested.

Like these, but no box.

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Ned Simmons

Hmm ... what you've pointed to *looks* (in the absence of real specs) as though it will only make it out to 18" maximum.

Try looking on eBay for older large vernier calipers.

Or -- does your milling machine table have 24" of travel? If so, you might be able to use a centering microscope to detect the ends (and since both ends of the workpiece are likely to be beyond the worn center of the leadscrew, if you are careful to approach both ends from the same direction you can probably get a pretty good reading. Or -- if you have a DRO (and that much travel), you can do it more easily. You'll still need the centering microscope or some easy way to verify where the ends of the workpiece really are. If they are machined cleanly, just an edge finder should do it -- at the cost of needing an extra 0.400" or so of travel.

Good Luck, DoN.

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DoN. Nichols

Look here,

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scroll to the bottom of the page for UP/N 500-500-10

40inches ought to get it. And get your entire gage budget for the next decade.


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there is a 24 inch vernier caliper on ebay (or it just closed) - worth looking there to see if you can find what you need

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William Noble

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