Can anyone identify this tool

My guess is that it is for making keyways and such on a mill... Any idea?

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Looks like woodruff keyseat cutter.

cheers T.Alan

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T.Alan Kraus

Ignoramus2963 wrote in news:nBBFf.1 $

That's pretty much what it is except that it a big one. It looks like a stagger tooth mill/slot cutter shrunk fit to a shank. I've used cutters that big before but they were arbor mounted. I can't say that I've ever used one mounted like that. But then again, I've done mostly smaller work.

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D Murphy

I guess it is for milling heat sinks. Esp. for AC-TIGs.


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Nick Müller

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Looks like safety goggles to me...

other than that a shop made or modified stub arbor with a milling cutter on it.


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The one on the right is a pair of safety glasses.

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Ivan Vegvary

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