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Hello all,

The metal and acrylic guard that I have been building is almost done. One of the plastic pieces needs some redesign, but I put the whole mess togther yesterday, and it could have been a lot worse. The parts fit togher w/o fudging (which I am able to do "easily" now, thanks to you guys - thanks!!!!) and the completed gizmo actually fit on the computer it protects. I was sweating the latter point because some of the measurements required some imagination and guesswork.

While certainly not the most difficult part, the thing that gave me the most difficulty was clamping a 6 inch steel angle bracket. The ascii below shows holes (no sweat) and the annoying part which was a 0.25 inch notch on the inside of one edge; without that, I would have thrown it in my vise on parallels with a stop to the left. I finally put it on the table on v-blocks turned on their sides; the notches in the blocks helped provide drilling clearance, and it worked out fairly well.

+----------------+ | 0 ____ 0 | | +--/ \--+ | 0 | | | | 0 | | | | | +----+

How would _you_ clamp it? I have one 90 degree angle plate that I bought for some vertical setups I expect to do in the near future, but it was a little big for this job. I am thinking of a setup that would use a smaller 90 degree angle as one (back) stop and another stop to the left, and perhaps the same blocks underneath with clamps holding the work in place.

Thinking of much higher precision than is needed here, how concerned should I be about the work moving away from the stops when I tighten the clamps?

If all goes well, I will be able to avoid making the notch by simply moving the whole mess a little further away from the thing it protects.


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