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Here in Massachusetts, you can own and live in, but can't sell a house with a buried fuel oil tank, unless it happens to be a "modern" double walled one with a leak detection system.

Most of the time when such a house changes hands the buried tank is removed and replaced with an above ground tank behind or inside the structure, or the place is converted to use gas heat.

While driving to work today I got behind a tank truck belonging to a company doing buried fuel oil tank removal and disposal.

The company name on the back of the tank read.......


And, there was an auto radiator repair shop near me a few years ago whose pickup truck had this wording on it's tailgate"

ROGER'S RADIATOR The Best Place in Town to Take a Leak.

What creative names have you seen, guys?


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Jeff Wisnia
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Bait shop called Master Bait.

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Somewhere---I think it's on the web---- I've seen a van with the name "Stiff Nipples Air Conditioning" or something similar. I'm sure they're speaking of short lengths of pipe, threaded at both ends. Yeah. Uh-huh.

Best -- Terry

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Telling your wife that you are going to that shop, may be met with unexpected reaction.

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When I was growing up the garbage company's motto was "Satisfaction Guaranteed or Double your Garbage Back".

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Tim Wescott

Not a company name, but I once saw a commercial van with a sign on the back "Warning, Blind Man Driving". The side of the van had the name and info for a window blind company.

Pete C.

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Pete C.

My favorites are: Flowers by Arrangement (Salt SPring Island, BC Canada) Vital Signs (Richmond, BC Canada) Shoebox Accounting (?) and the best.....

The Good Vibrations Love Boutique /mark fraser

Jeff Wisnia wrote:

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Ned Simmons

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Ned Simmons

"Jeff Wisnia" wrote

My favorite is in Watertown MA: a demolition contractor called


-- TP

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Ridaturd, A porta-potty company up in the Washington Cascades. Basshole, a tackle shop on Lake Shasta.

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Jim Stewart

Ove Arkil I think it must be over kill

Rentokil Gunman for hire?

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There is a sports fishing store near here that has as its 'tag line' "Best little lurehouse in town"


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Ken Davey

Daytona Beach -- "Robbins' Radiator Works, Does Yours?"


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Lloyd E. Sponenburgh

A pet grooming shop named "Doggie Style".

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Laurie Forbes

Caused a bit of a stir hereabouts, since it was located across from a grade school, but a septic cleaning outfit (I don't know if it was the name or just a slogan):


Optometrist's office:


Used to be a lumber yard/hardware store GARY'S B.S.

Japanese resturant up the street and around the corner:


Used to be a dance hall in Northern Iowa called, "Matter's Ballroom." Attached was a bar called, "Someplace Else." Their ad slogan (of course):


An automotive machine shop in Eureka, CA, uses the image of an Indian Head penny as its logo. It's name:


While I'm busy procrastinating, here, how about people whose names are just a little too appropriate:

A company had a couple production engineers who were often in conflict: Mr. Black and Mr. White. They worked for Mr. Bikkers...

The same company had a mechanical engineer: Mr. Casebolt.

Some years back, the nurse who was the night shift supervisor at a big hospital in San Diego was Mrs. Sick.

And, in a certain small town, the pastor of the Baptist church was Rev. Hill and the pastor of the Catholic church was Father Mountain. Which led the local wags to observe, "If you have a theological question, Rev. Hill will be happy to answer it. But, if you want it on higher authority, you'll have to go to Father Mountain.

Back to work....


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Jerry Foster

I was standing at the counter of a repair shop in Berkeley, Ca, called "Beyond Repair." A guy came in to pick up a set of brake shoes. Clerk: "What's the name of your shop?" Customer: "Midnight Oil."

So I started looking for other names, and found a deli called "Lox, Stock and Bagel."

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Leo Lichtman

A steel fabricator and erector company here in town called:

"Big Boy's Steel Erection" It was on every crane boom they owned in big red letters. I believe they have changed their name recently...wonder why?


Jeff Wisnia wrote:

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Well, there's always the railroad tank car company (don't know if they own any track or locos) called the Head On Collision Lines. Then there's the sales guy that I've flown with who had the airline name of White Knuckle Airlines.

-- Yeppie, Bush is such an idiot that He usually outwits everybody else. How dumb!

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Bob May

In that vein, DARPA has Project MAHEM run by Dr. Meth.

Bar- "My best Friend's"


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I put a copy of the Stiff Nipples A/C van jpg in the dropbox.

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