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First of all I would like to say hello to everyone in this group. I appreciate the opportunity to ask you for help. I have a Plasma Cam purchased in 2004. Original computer just died so went to connect a modern one and needed to update my cable with one that had a USB port. This is what I found. "Parallel IEEE 1284 Printer Cable Adapter" I now get this error code:

"Unable to conecto machine. Check power, ports and cables. Turn off controller for 5 seconds (and/or disconnect cable) then try again." Any suggestions....... Thanks again, Russell E. Libby REL

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Russell E. Libby
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If nothing else is found, you might look on the internet for a used old computer with a parallel port (non modern). I've done that with adequet success.


Russell E. Libby wrote:

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Hul Tytus

Have you looked at the device configuration in Control Panel and checked the configuration and status, I presume this is in MS Windows.

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David Billington

usb TO PARALLEL ADAPTERS ARE NOTORIOUSLY FLAKEY. Get e REAL parallel port card - likely your best bet is a StarTech parallel port -PCI Express most likrly.

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Clare Snyder

A Mesa Card might be an option. Its a true I/O board often used for CNC controllers. I know its often the interface of choice for LinuxCNC and PathPilot users. I have a basic 5i25 plugged into a slot on my Tormach control machine. I haven't really looked into using it with Mach3/4.

For Mach3/4 I believe the Smoothstepper is the interface of choice still. They make a USB interface board and an Ethernet interface board. I have run both of them and found the ethernet interface to be work much more smoothly, although I did run an industrial CNC knee mill for a few years using a USB Smoothstepper between the computer and my breakout board.

Your biggest issue may be if you do not know the pin assignments of your machine.

UCCNC also has USB and Ethernet interfaces, but I have heard they can be a bit finicky.

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Bob La Londe

I second this. USB to (anthing else) adapters are flakey garbage, unless you can find a super expensive one from a completely legitimate company. A standalone card will be cheaper either way. Startech stuff is good.

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Cydrome Leader

The problem with usb adapters is the drivers and how they have to interface to the OS through the API. There really isn't a solid standard that everyone follows - the old "the beauty of computer standards is there are so many to choose from" - since Windows 98 or XP there is no way to directly address hardware devices like the old DOS days and USB adds an extra layer of uncertainty/complication

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Clare Snyder

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