Daimler steel/plastic "alloy"

A check will reveal I'm correct. Or do you really believe the original Olds Quad 4 was smooth-running compared to German and Japanese 4s?
The space shuttle has had even more years of development, but neither has become highly reliable yet. I know of Honda's recent transmission problems but haven't heard of Toyota's, so do you have any proof to back up your claim? A TSB itself is not proof; show something like longer-term numbers from Gelco Leasing, Consumers Union, or J.D. Powers.
If there had been just 1 fluid upgrade, then Chrysler would still be at ATF+2 (7176d), not at ATF+3 (7176e), +4, or +5.
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I don't know about this configuration, but metal (aluminum) panels with a fiberglass honeycomb core have been used in the aircraft biz for quite some time.
Are you sure the salesman said its a plastic layer over steel?
How silly of me to even ask. Coming from a salesman, it could be cardboard for all they know. ;-)
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