dc motor controller

I have a porblem that I need to solve, if any on ecan help I will
I am working in my lab with a shaking water bath that we count on it
very much.
However, The speed controller doens't not work any more, and I don't
know what to do.
The motor has a volatge of 115 Volts, Hp 1/50, current 0.35A, and RPM
is 173.
It was controlled by temperature and speed digital controller, only the
temperature still working but not the speed.
Please help
Thank you
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Wish you were closer, I worked on a lot of such machinery at PSU but it has been 15 yrs. If the motor is 115 AC chances are the speed changer is a mechanical device, such as a variable sheaf or a wheel and disk arangement. ...lew...
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Lew Hartswick
Hi I hope this helps.
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check under motor control they have a dc. speed control. Quick put together kit, just basic soldering.
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"mos" wrote in news:1142633438.508534.202870 @e56g2000cwe.googlegroups.com:
Have you contacted the manufacturer?
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Ken Moffett

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