DC Electric motor help please

As I have little understanding about electricity apart from being able
to follow simple wiring diagrams I would like some help with a project
I have in mind.
I have a DC electric motor, which if it is suitable, I would like to
use on my Atlas Lathe to give variable speed control. The motor was
taken off a Philips washing machine about ten years ago but had had
only one year of use. It is marked
Polymotor Italiana ApA, DC P.M. Motor A1 M02 Class E
22 5 110 800 85
V A W RPM % Duty
200 1.8 360 10,500 15
I would like to know what this motor is equivalent to in the terms of
wattage or horsepower compared to a single phase AC motor.
If the motor is suitable a second problem arises. I have all the motor
control equipment that came out of the washing machine including the
variable speed control, but no wiring diagram. This is despite a
considerable amount of time searching on the internet. Any ideas on
how to work out a wiring diagram from the parts I have would be
Thanks in anticipation.
John H
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You will need the controller and to get the wiring from the manufacturer/washer serviceman inorder to run this motor which is designed to run under closed loop control. There will be a tacho generator on the motor which tells the controller how fast it is going and changes the voltage accordingly. the controller has two speeds wash and spin. Wash is not powerful enough at 1/8 hp but spin power is just about ok for a small lathe. 360 watts is about 1/2 hp but the motor will be turning at 10500 rpm!!
I have seen people use the big pulley off the drum to get the speed down to something manageable.
However, your motor is only rated to spend 15% of the time at the 1/2 hp setting - 9 minutes in every hour!
The motor is almost certainly open frame and therefore needs protecting from swarf and yet keeping cool otherwise the 9 minutes will have to be reduced even further.
Overall it is not a good idea to use these motors for machine tools. Buy a 4 pole 3 phase induction motor and an inverter from somewhere like the inverter supermarket and you will have a much more suitable solution.
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Bob Minchin
John wrote on 23/12/2009 :
That is rated about 1/2 of an HP at its full speed of 10.5K RPM. As you will probably need to reduce that speed by around 10:1 or more it will loose even more HP. These type of motors usually provide some sort of speed feedback to the controller, so the motor can be set to a fairly precise speed. It will also have a limited duty cycle when producing maximum power, with lots of time needed to recover and cool down again. You might be able to improve on that with some forced air cooling.
I would doubt the controller is of much use, other than to use for components to build something more appropriate. It will be run time limited for one and probably has a pic or microprocessor controlling and ramping up its speed gradually, unless you can find some means to bypass these controls. What you need is a series of speed switches, or a pot to set the speed.
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Harry Bloomfield
Thanks to Bob and Harry for the info, and for the suggestion of the Inverter Supermarket.
Three phase was something I had thought about and the advice definitely confirms it is the way to go.
Now does anybody need a motor and controller to fit a 1979 Philips washing machine!!
Happy New Year to everybody.
John H
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i hear they make good wind turbine generators ...
all the best.markj
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Hallo there,I have the same type of motor and would like to know how it can be used as a wind turbine generator to provide power to my house,what kind of line diagram can I use and how suitable is it for that job? What else would I require for it to work as so?
I have a thee bed-roomed house, a sitting-room and a kitchen
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What was that about web sites and fora leeching off Usenet groups??
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Mark Rand
What was that about web sites and fora leeching off Usenet groups??
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Andrew Mawson
What was that about web sites and fora leeching off Usenet groups??
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Cliff Coggin
This was about a DC motor I have with the above details only which got from an old washing machine ,somebody commented that it can make a very good wind power generator for my house.I live in a very windy area in KENYA,what do I need to achieve that?
It is also labeled class F;Is there a difference with another one labeled Class E with the same details?
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