Dimming Harbor Frt Welding Helmet - worth $55?

I am fleshing out my Christmas wish list and am thinking of adding a
Harbor Freight self dimming welding helmet. The one in question is the
Chicago Electric "brand", P/N 91212. It appears to have a manual
adjustment for the shade, ranging from 9 to 13 and two additional
switches. One to choose between slow vs fast reaction (why would I not
always want the fastest reaction?) Reaction speed is listed at 1/25,000
second. The helmet also has a high/low sensitivity switch.
YOur thoughts? I am trying to keep this item under $75 but I do not
want to have some one throw their money way if I end up using my old
helmet. I have never tried welding with one of the H Frt helmets but I
have used a midline and a high end Jackson (had the extra side light)
self dimming helmet. Would love to have one of those but that is out of
the financial picture.
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I have that one.
I have used mine for the total of one day (bought it this weekend), and it works as advertised, SO FAR.
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Peter Grey
The slow/fast reaction time is for how fast it turns off when the arc goes out. You will want the slow setting for TIG work since the tungsten stays real bright when you drop the arc.
The fast setting is used for stick and MIG work.
I use the Western Safety Helmet (Harbor Frieght stock #47277). I have had three and all worked great. I'm down to my last one and will wait for Harbor Frieght to put them on sale at the local store to pick up a spare. My first two grew feet and walked away.
Jim Vrzal Holiday,Fl.
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Let's say that you're doing MIG work and filling in a hole or something where you keep pulling the trigger and then releasing rather quickly. If you have the switch set on fast, the shade keeps dimming and lightening so fast that it's a little distracting. In that case, set it to slow and it will stay dark while you continually pull the trigger. You'll still be able to see because your weld is glowing hot...
I've got 3 of these and every one is great. Have used them for about a year.
Would recommend them highly! Can't beat them for the buck.
John P.
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John P.

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