disassembly of cement mixer?

I just bought an old Wards concrete mixer, probably around 5 or 6 cu. ft.,
heavy metal construction, everything is there and it turns. BUT...when the
barrel turns it squeals a lot. I have added grease through a zerk but no
help, I tried to take what looks like a cap on the inside of the drum from
the shaft but it doesn't seem to want to come off. I tried prying and using
a slide hammer but no luck. I put some Kroyl on it a few min. ago and will
try the slide hammer again in a little while. Do any of you fine people know
exactly how this thing is supposed to come apart? I'm pretty sure that I am
doing it right, I expect to pull the cap off and find a nut that holds the
drum onto the shaft. Am I missing anything?
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Hard to tell without seeing both the inside and outside, but the cap is probably part of the shaft and is probably welded to the inside of the drum, shaft sticking out the back with either a pulley or sprocket mounted on the shaft with a keyway/setscrews/drivepin/shearbolt for attachment. Probably have to remove the pulley/sprocket from the end of the shaft then slide the barrel/drum with the shaft out of the bushing it rides in. HTH Ken.
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Ken Sterling
I couldn't get the "cap" off the end of the spindle even with a slide hammer. I took the zerk off the end of the barrel where it attaches to the shaft and it was so clogged with cement that it wouldn't open, cleaned it out and replaced it and pumped grease into it and wa-la, grease came out from around the cap on the inside of the barrel; problem fixed, no squeals! Lubed the drive shaft and gears and it runs smooth and quiet. Took the power washer to it and most of the caked on cement (maybe 50 yrs. worth) came off and it looks and works good. Not bad for a $100 investment.
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