DoAll 16" ML vs Roll-in band saws


Some of you responded to earlier queries about the 16" DoAll. Two are available now, asking $1250, both look in good shape, one newer than the other--one is 45xxxx, the other 46xxxx serial number. Most of the bells/whistles--hanging weight/feed, multiple table guides, blade welder, little oiler on the blade guide (!), blower, variable speed, etc. The slightly older one has a transformer, the newer one does not. Iny ideas on the purpose of this transformer? I don't think it's for the blade welder, which has its own built in xformer.

The Roll-in is a pretty neat item, also asking $1250. For those not familiar with it, picture your $199 4x6 jobby in the vertical position, make the table about 20x24"--iow, a vertical band saw w/ a twisted blade, so you can cut any length mat'l. Now imagine the blade being able to move back and forth in/out of the table. You can then *fix* material to the table, and the blade rolls into the work. It's like having your 4x6 jobby upright, on wheels, sliding back and forth into work held on a separate table. Of course, you can use it as a regular vertical band saw

And, the whole saw is on wheels, as well. Really an interesting saw, has about the same capacity as the DoAll--not as tall (table is considerably lower than the DoAll),or nearly as heavy, but it has a bigger footprint than the DoAll.

4 speed, roller guides, which are grooved to accept the kerf and a variety of blades, 1/2" and 3/4" for sure. I'm not sure if the table tilts.Also single phase, DoAll is 3 ph.

The DoAll, however, has some available attachments, really wild, that some of you may not know about.

  1. You can twist the blade 45 OR 90 degrees!! Which makes it now sort of like the Roll-in, and with extra pulleys, probably could get the weight to do feed in the material at these angles also.
  2. Blade *sanding* AND *filing* attachment. Saw a file blade, but not in action--a blade w/ *dozens* of sections of 3" length files attached!! .

The Roll-in, in a small shop, seems over-all more manageable, but the DoAll has more bells/whistles, variable speed, etc. But, the Roll-in is *much* simpler, lighter, albeit w/ a bigger foot-print.

Also, keep in mind I have a big-assed Kalamazoo automatic hydraulic cut-off saw (and the 4x6 jobby), so the feed capability of either band saw is not critical.

What would you all do, and why?

-- Mr. P.V.'d formerly Droll Troll

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