DoAll band saws: older vs newer

I'm in the market for a 16" DoAll, and came across a local dealer w/ an
interesting older model.
It's much heavier than more recent models, w/ some neat features, one of
them is a weight-driven power feed! Actuated by a foot pedal in front, and
chains/wire rope that hook to a doodad that holds the work. !!
It is variable speed (2 ranges), old blade welder, side rail on the table
like what's on a table saw, about 7 feet tall. Big metal circular speed
chart on the front, lite, *dust blower*, probably other stuff I forgot
about. Seems in good condition.
Did I say it's *heavy*?! I think a 3/4" base plate.
Not as sleek/compact as my buddy's not-as-old 16" DoAll, but seems to have
many more bells/whistles. I'm leaning toward the lighter version, tho, being
a one-dude shop...
Asking $1600, also a bit more than I want to spend.
A good/decent deal? Are the older DoAlls a good bet?
One thing I wonder about on DoAll's is that they don't use ball bearing
guides for the blade. Anyone ever add these?
Appreciate all opinions.
Mr. P.V.'d
formerly Droll Troll
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Sounds like the machine that I have. It has been a great machine. The thrust guide are ball bearings but the side guides are not. You change them to match the width of the band that you are using.
Check the tires, the variable speed pullys, tracking and listen to it. If all is in order that is not too far from a usual street price.
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I used one of those machines in my youth and wish my present HF had adjustable/ changeable side guides instead of rollers.
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Nick Hull
I recently saw a pretty decent DoAll go for $400 at auction. I've seen very clean newer machines, 15 to 20 years old, go for $900 to $1100. This is in the NY area. $1600 sounds high. Old and interesting doesn't usually equal expensive in machine tools.
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That sounds like an ML or Metalmaster. I've got a 1948 ML, the Metalmasters go back to the late 30s. They seem to be more rugged no- compromise machines compared to the newer small DoAlls. The newer saws do have a wider speed range on the high end. The MLs top out at 1500FPM - not a big deal unless you're planning on doing a lot of wood sawing or want friction sawing capability.
$1600 sounds reasonable to me for a saw that you can inspect and try out from a reputable dealer. I've seen these saws sell on ebay and at auctions for under $1000.
Ned Simmons
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Ned Simmons
Used to be the price you wanted on clean used DoAll bandsaws was $100/inch, i.e. a 16" saw should cost $1600. Around the Seattle area we tend to get stripped and rusty hulks for about twice that, so I gave up years ago. - GWE
Ned Simm> >
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Grant Erwin
PV: I wouldn't give a second thought to the guides not being ball/roller bearings. Our vertical band saw doesn't have ball/roller bearing saw guides and we must have cut hundreds of miles worth of various metals over the years.
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Both ways. LOL
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