does anyone want an Ipod?

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Just go here to get started. It's simple. You just need to participate in just one of the many great offers. I signed up with Blockbuster online and haven't had to go into a DVD rental store since. It's 9.99 for the first month for 3 movies at a time with no late fees! If you don't like the service, cancel it after the first month and your offer towards your free Ipod is complete. I had doubts too, but after signing up and following the directions, I'll have my Ipod in about 3 weeks. Make sure you use that link to get started. thanks for your time. Free ipods are real.

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No. We're not going to sign up to be spammed so you can get free hardware. By the way, and AOL both prohibit this sort of spamming, and both have been notified of your misuse of their terms of service.

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Dave Hinz

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